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After having multiple interns to help me with my marketing, I could say that most college graduates will go into the business world with a significant lack of understanding of the important facets that make up marketing today.

Therefore, I have listed some marketing definitions every aspiring marketing professional should know prior to graduating college (if they don’t know now):

1. SEO – I know this definition is very simplistic, however that’s not usually the case with college students and I could test to three interns, upon being asked the definition given an answer such as, “we learned something like that… I think. ”

Search engine optimization or (if you want to go by the acronym SEO) is the foundation of online marketing in the year 2011 and, most likely it will be just as important when we are 80 years old.

In a nutshell, search engine optimization is to studying of search engine algorithms to determine how to rank highly when people search specific keyword phrases to get incoming leads and mitigate the number of coldâ€"calls that a firm has to make.

If someone tells you that search engine optimization is not important, ask them how the second pages because the economy is always better on the first page of Google.

2. Landing Pagesâ€"landing pages are separate pages on the website targeted towards one or two keyword phrases for Google. Usually, you cannot get to these pages from the home site as, unless a very, very good writer wrote them, the pages are typically spammy in nature. this is also a facet of marketing that the aspiring marketing professional will have to learn simply because being able to style a webpage, yet still keyword stuff it takes a significant amount of talent.

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