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One of the key things that you can do to PULL new clients in that most people in business do not do (especially when they’re working from home) is have an outgoing message on your voice mail or answering machine that describes EXACTLY what you do, especially when it’s your home phone at the same time.

The idea here is to USE your voicemail, the one that your friends, colleagues, family members, leave a message on, explaining what you do. (Of course, I recommend having a separate phone line, but if for whatever reason you don’t do that at first, use this method.)

So, instead of saying, "Hello, it’s Mary, leave a message," (this DOESN’T get you clients) you can say, "Hello, it’s Mary of so-and-so business, helping (insert target audience) who struggle with (insert common problem) achieve more (desired outcome). Visit us at"

Then, you can list your website or e-mail address and your tag line, or invite them to visit your website. What we’re looking for is a CALL TO ACTION, whatever the most requested action (MRA) is going to be for you: to sign up for your newsletter, visit your website, call for a get-acquainted session, or email you to set up an appointment.

There are lots of different ways you can use your voicemail outgoing message as a way to get new clients. Remember to keep it relatively short or clients will not want to call back.

Your assignment:

Create an outgoing message that can also act as a marketing tool. Include your tagline and e-mail address if it is easy to remember, direct callers to your website, and make sure to list any upcoming workshops you are promoting.

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