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The following list contains the least number of tools available to accomplish proper spidering in the search engines.

  1) A dynamic forum, or other type of resource like a blog. A blog is just a dynamic way for people to create and post their information, like the engineers at your firm.
  2) Teach your server to communicate effectively with visiting search engine spiders.
  3) Teach yourself to efficiently market your forum and blog by studying this article.

A dynamic portal, like a blog, forum knowledge base or other useful tool for customers, resellers, etc. which is directly related to your industry, customer base or prospective customer base where employees, customers or other interactive people publish questions, answers and more. This base of unpaid authors will write about issues that invariably contain key-phrases desirable to your bottom line. Next you need to retrain your server so the spiders effectively catalogue these dynamic pages. Dynamically driven pages, such as a database driven knowledge base, are very interactive, but the characters seen in the links that get generated wreak havoc on the search engine spiders. Just pick a dynamic site, maybe your own, and look to see how many pages are in Google using the following string in the search box:

Next you need at least one solid blog for an effective strategy. The most efficient blog software we identified, and the one that seems to generate the best search engine phrases is called WordPress. Google’s spider, Googlebot, loves the Web pages and posts created using WordPress. This will require a server manager to implement WordPress. One main reason Google likes the WordPress Web pages is the way the title is used as a folder name. Web pages get spidered better when the title and your key-phrases are within the Web page name, or folder name, and not displayed as code, characters or other unreadable gibrish.

Remember, this will be an ongoing experiment for your server, your authors and your copany, but you should begin to reap rewards very soon. Whenever there is a post tp the dynamic portal, or blog, it is pinged and sent to the top of many blog posting sites and scheduled for a visit from the search engine spiders. The mot frequently you post to the portal the more often the spiders visit and the higher ranked you will become. Also, submit the blog for awards and continue to locate other portals from which you can draw traffic and increase Web exposure. Have contests for authors and respondents to increase activity, increase spider visitors and increase traffic.

Currently Web searchers find my customer sites using over 14,000 niche key-phrases and about two dozen big, mainstream, key-phrases each month which generates over one million hits per month. This number continues to grow within my network. Have your IT people download and implement Spider Safe URL. Contact the author for more information. Optimize titles and meta tags before you do anything else. Go to Google and type the following into the search area: Please note, there are no spaces in the search string. Do this regularly to watch the number of pages you gain. Also, watch your stats for key-phrases searched and entry pages to watch for an increase over a month to three months.

Recommended Tools:
  Dynamic Web Sites
Blogs For Your Inhouse Server
Blogs On An Outside Server
  Dynamic Email Campaigns
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