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A dream is simply something that you want. Where dreams come from, are from inside of you. Some are based on need, such as your need to put your kids through a good school; or to make money, and some are based on desire, something that makes you happy. The most profound dreams are those that are aligned with your purpose or mission. Standing in your life’s purpose, the quality of your dreams will change.

You can use the Dream Coach method to achieve any dream; personal, professional, relationship, health, even fun dreams. So today, let’s use it to create a dream or idea that makes you truly happy. The only criteria for this dream, is it makes your heart sing. How vulnerable and brave to actually consider what will bring you joy.

Sometimes feeling what we want can bring us great hope, anticipation and excitement. Sometimes it can bring us sadness or disappointment as we feel what we do not have or how far we have to go to get there. But you can use that contrast to deepen your resolve and move forward on something that you have just been thinking about. One single step toward your dream puts you into action, moving you from day dreaming to progress.

I have a question for you. When you read the words, "create a dream that makes you truly happy," did your inner critic voice kick in and say something like, "How selfish?"

I have important information on this. When you are connected to your passion and dreams, you will live a longer healthier life, you will have more energy and vitality for the people you love. Not only is NOT selfish to create a dream for yourself, it’s an act of generosity. People with passion and dreams live longer healthier lives than those who are just going through the motions or only problem-solving.

So based on no other criteria than it will make you happy, what’s a simple dream you can create, make up, or move forward on this week; that truly would bring you joy? Is it to begin journaling, taking a long walk to nowhere, time with a dear friend, signing up for a class or to volunteer&ldots;maybe even to take singing lessons.

Once you get clear about what you need to make yourself happy (right now) acting on it is essential. Over-thinking and analyzing can immobilize you. To know what you need and not acting can cause stress and sadness. So the secret here, is to create something simple, to decide what will bring you joy, and to find an easy way to act upon it.

Then, acknowledge that you did it. One practice that will strengthen your dreaming muscles is to do what you said you would do. This builds greater self-trust and leads to great confidence. From here we’ll take greater risks and dream bigger dreams.

This Personal Development article was written by Marcia Wieder, America’s Dreamcoach on 4/25/2006

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