Today there are over 4,000 schools that teach IB (International Baccalaureate®) programs that are known for their amazing academic excellence and precision and their focus on emotional, and personal development with emphasis on social skills. These renowned IB schools are known to employ the services of more than 70,000 educators and imparting education to over one million students across the globe.

What Is So Unique about the IB Board Schools?

It has been acknowledged that students are given a truly unique education in an IB school. Students studying in any such school worldwide would be:

  • Taking part in educational programs that would be preparing them for admission to the top ranking colleges and universities across the world.
  • Motivated towards driving their own learning and thinking independently.
  • Becoming more culturally-conscious thanks to the development of and exposure to a second language.
  • Effectively engaging and interacting with people in a rapidly progressive and globalized world.
  • Developing strong social, emotional, and academic characteristics. They would be excelling in academics and at the same time taking active part in extra-curricular activities and developing social skills.
  • Encouraging all students to think critically. They are brought up in such a way that they would spontaneously challenge assumptions.
  • Encouraging students to consider both the global and the local contexts.
  • Becoming multilingual.

IB world schools are known to be operating within a global or world community. They create opportunities quite frequently for students to share their learning and collaborate with others on a global scale. Your child could take advantage of a truly all-round development and international grade education by joining a reputed IB school.

The Amazing Benefits

Here are some of the amazing benefits of graduating from a top-notch IB school but the benefits are certainly not restricted to the following:

High Acceptance Rates: Students graduating from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program usually have a much higher college and university acceptance rates as compared to applicants from other schools.

Greater Opportunities: Students graduating from IB schools enjoy greater opportunities for getting grants and scholarships.

Globally-Inclined: The interdisciplinary teaching here prepares students to become international or global-minded individuals.

Invaluable Knowledge: Graduates from IB schools have a treasure house of knowledge as they cultivate the habit of lifelong learning. These schools train their students to explore new horizons and learn new issues and concepts that are relevant both globally and locally. They are able to acquire sound knowledge and understanding of diverse disciplines.

Teacher Skills & Development: Teacher evaluation is given utmost importance in these schools. The schools work diligently toward the development of their teachers in such a manner that they are able to cater to the demands of each and every student.

Liberal-Minded Individuals: Students with an IB school background grow up to be liberal-minded individuals who appreciate and understand their personal histories and they are also broad-minded enough to be open and welcoming to the values, perception, and traditions of others. They would be confidently seeking and assessing diverse perceptions and growing from such experiences.


You must be convinced by now about educating your child in an IB school after going through the above-mentioned benefits. However, the greatest benefit of sending your child to an IB school is that he would become a much better individual who would be oozing with self-confidence and would possess immense pride and faith in his capabilities. He would be taking his studies beyond academic achievements.