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This time of year, many of my clients share with me that they are anxious about the fast-approaching holiday season. They feel like they’ve been making great progress in eating healthier, feeling better, and achieving balance in their lives. They don’t want the holidays to wreak havoc on their wellness routine. This concern is based on past experiences of feeling out of control during the holidays.     

I can relate to these feelings because I tend to take really good care of myself when I am at home and in my normal routine. When I’m out of my routine and feel tempted all the time, I have to get creative.  I have some ideas for how you can stay in control while still enjoying the holidays.  

1.    Keep most of your meals healthy and home-cooked       

It is easy during the holidays to get thrown off course and then feel like you might as well give-up completely. Instead, choose to keep most of your meals the same healthy fare you were eating before the holidays. Then you can choose to fully enjoy those special holiday meals, guilt-free.      

2.    Eat mindfully    

This is always important, but it is particularly important during the holidays when there are treats everywhere we turn. When we feel guilty about what we’re eating, we tend to eat quickly and standing up (perhaps even with the frig door open). Instead, try sitting down and eating without distraction (no phone, computer, TV, newspaper, etc). Then, chew each bite thoroughly so you get the full enjoyment of your food.    

3.   Continue your exercise routine     

During the holidays it can feel easy to let your exercise routine slide – especially if you’re traveling or tight on time. This is dangerous because once you get out of the habit, you may struggle to get back into your routine (especially in the cold of winter). Sticking with your routine will improve your mood, reduce stress, and keep your metabolism strong (so you don’t have to feel so guilty for that pumpkin pie)

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This Personal Development article was written by Amy Lippmann on 4/14/2008

Amy Lippmann is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with a private health and lifestyle coaching practice. She works with women who are tired of continuously feeling bad about their health and struggle with feeling good in their body, energy level, cravings, and would like to figure out how to be healthy and take good care of themselves.

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