Are you planning to open your hotel business at Tadoba? The proposal sounds interesting. Tadoba, one of the best tiger reserves in India, attracts numerous tourists from different corners of the globe. Hotels are fewer in number. This is a great opportunity to start your hotel business and earn a substantial living for the remaining days of life. Opening a hotel in such a popular tourist spot always promises better returns on investment.

Here are few things you need to consider for a hotel business in Tadoba:

Focusing On the Logistics Part

For any business industry, mostly those associated, with hotels and food chains, the importance of logistics cannot be overlooked. The hotel property must be at a close proximity to the essential transit points like, airport, bus terminus and railway station. It is also desirable that the property lies close to the entertainment destinations like, multiplexes and shopping malls. When it comes to opening a hotel in Tadoba it must be ensured that the proper transportation services to the main city, airport, railway station, etc., is offered by the hotel authorities.

Minimum Area for a Hotel To Open

Usually, if you are planning to open a big hotel comprising of about 100 rooms in total, the minimum area requirement would be in the range of 10,000 – 60,000 square feet. For a five star property, a total area of 100,000 square feet may just fill the requirements.

The Layout

Planning for the layout of your hotel is important. It is recommended to consult a professional interior designer for suggestion. Focus on every intricate detailing, so that it becomes easier to draw guests during the peak, as well as the off-seasons.

Conducting a Proper Survey

Before opening a hotel, conduct a proper survey to learn about the Tadoba accommodation options and facilities already available. It would help in understanding the potential of your business in and around Tadoba. Remember, the survey must focus, within the area boundaries of Tadoba and areas surrounding, but not exceeding beyond the first 10-12 km. You can employ professional agents for the surveying part to measure the general market condition, within the proposed area while sneaking into the overall trends and the social lifestyle. This would help in understanding your targeted set of customers. At the same time, you must try to focus on the business strategies being employed by the competitors in the area. Try to learn about the hotel rates and the facilities being offered to travelers coming to Tadoba for Jungle weekend stay and jungle safari trips.

Tadoba is in the extreme interior part of the Chandrapur district, in the state of Maharashtra. The nearby villages still don’t understand the concept of urbanization and liberalization. Most of the area is filled, with deep, dense forest that draws the attention of the global travelers. If you plan to open your hotel business in this part of India, ensure the locals are not deprived of the job facilities. Offering them a substantial earning for their services would also be beneficial to stabilize your hotel business. Enjoying the support of locals can help big time in promoting your business and making it a brand.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is a blogger on wildlife travel at Tigers Heaven Resort. He has written numerous articles on the Tadoba accommodation and hotel business opportunities in and around this part of India.