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6. Finding Potential Link Partners

The most common method of finding potential link partners is to use the search engines. You would just type in a search term related to your site and then go to a listing. Then you would send your link request to the email address listed on their site. You would repeat this process for each site in the top one hundred or so listings for that keyword and then move on to the next keyword.

Here is the process outlined step-by-step:

Five Steps for Finding Potential Linking Partners

1.       Type in a related keyword into a search engine.

2.       Go to the first site that is listed in the results.

3.       Send your link request email to the email address on the web site

4.       Go back to the search engine listings and repeat step three for the next site.

5.       Once all relevant listings are done (generally the first 100 or so, depending on how specific your keyword is), move on to your next related keyword and repeat steps one through four.

Finding linking partners in this method can take a lot of time, however. In my experience, only between 2% and 10% of the people you email will actually link to your site. So if it took you a minute and a half to find and email one site owner, it would take you 1500 minutes (or 25 hours) to email one thousand site owners. With the 2-10% conversion rate, your 25 hours of work may net you 20 to 100 links.

This is a lot of work for little return so let’s look at some ways to reduce the amount of time you spend emailing your link exchange request to web site owners.

This Building Links article was written by Ryan P Allis on 3/1/2005

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