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Are you wasting precious time, resources and money – marketing with too much focus on the web?


Let me put it another way. Are you missing the “Big Picture” of website marketing?

Often, we sometimes forget to stop to review our
entire web marketing strategy, leading to disaster in our internet business. By over-focusing on a specific technique it can often lead to a neglect of other equally
effective techniques.

Why focus all of your resources into just one or two web marketing areas, when you can synergize with a complete web marketing strategy?

You have got to leverage and maximize on every web marketing technique out there, and more importantly, start doing something everyday.

For instance, do not get too caught up on writing articles when you can also participate actively in your targeted forums. Do not spend all your time
clicking on startpages, ignoring the task of optimizing
your website for the search engines. And never spend countless days drowning in information overload, while forgeting that all you really need to do is take some action now.

It’s a matter of allocating your time and resources wisely, upon which you will be richly rewarded.

I challenge you to start looking at things differently, to start looking at the big picture of web marketing. In this way, you can achieve better results, starting today.

This Web Marketing article was written by Ewen Chia on 3/21/2005

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