A good web design can be an effective element that works as a call-to-action for visitors and compels them to perform the desired action. Your site can have an eye-catching design that is popular all over the web, but still is likely to face problems during conversions. The colors you choose to design your site with can appear great along with the fonts, but that does not offer you the security of producing effective results.

The Three Major Elements of a Great Design

  • Design: It goes without saying that a great design should be aesthetically pleasing and consistent on the entire website at the same time. This ensures the other two characteristics of a good web design.
  • Functionality: A well-functioning website makes it smooth for the visitors to access the information they are seeking and the desired actions that will profit your business. Always keep a check on how your website is functioning, as well as, its mobile-friendliness.
  • Usability: Are the visitors on your website getting confused due to the design elements? Or does it take your site too much time to load? Usability determines how successful your website is.

The Do’s of WordPress Web Design

  • Easy Navigation: You do not need to incorporate tons of components on your site to make it functional. You only need a few elements that define your brand, its foundation, and your objectives. Also, there is no need to stuff items on your main navigation menu, you can also leverage the sub-menu category to your benefit. Always remember that your prime motivation is to offer the users a quality experience on your site, hence, ensuring a simplified navigation can help you provide that.
  • Use of Consistent Colors: Using a lot of distinct colors and fonts on your website can make it look flashy and can possibly compel the users to leave your website and find other professional sites. Whenever you handle a design project, make sure that you understand the purpose of the site. This will help you in picking the relevant colors that you can keep applying consistently to the different sections of the site. It can often be a tricky process, so it is recommended to opt for the services of professional firms like Tayloright who can help you with the best suggestions.
  • Upload Images of Superior Quality: Nothing annoys the visitors more than going on a website that displays images of poor quality. Make sure that you upload images of high-resolution that go well with the overall design of your site.

The Don’ts of WordPress Web Design

  • Applying Too Many Colors: Resist your temptation of being an artist on your website and stop packing the design with too many colors. You do not want to distract the visitors on your site.
  • Overloading Details: The purpose of your homepage is simple: to direct the users to perform the desired action that will profit both them and your business at the same time. Avoid cramming too much information on your site’s homepage.
  • Flashy Designs: This sort of animation has become outdated and will only hamper the success of your site, as Google hardly indexes websites with flash animations.


A well-functioning, aesthetically appealing WordPress web design will build your authority in the market. Adhere to the aforementioned tips and start honing your design skills.