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The search community already hates search engine competitions. While I will not get into the myriad details of this antipathy, there are obvious implications in the most recent SEO contest (the <a href=’’>GlobalWarming Awareness2007</a> contest that could actually have a negative impact.
I cannot, for the life of me, begin to understand why the search contest chose legitimate words and simply stemmed them together. It is very possible that once the search engine algos catch on, they will correct the results based on spelling without the spaces. In such a case, it would be devastating to competitors who focussed solely on the main phrase.
The other likely scenario is that, once these two alternate spellings are considered one-and-the-same by sheer volume of entries and queries, that the global warming keyword and its searches will forever be plagued by competition spam and irrelevant results.
This is the exact kind of disregard for the legitmate and valuable uses of a search engine that anger those outside the community, and shame those within.

This Web Marketing article was written by Rjones on 1/17/2007

Rjones is a web marketer with the Ethical Search Engine Optimization firm, Virante, Inc.