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Some of you may have already experienced writer’s, or in this case blogger’s, block. This is when you can’t seem to start blogging anything worthwhile, sometimes not even a single word’s worth.

How could this happen when you were so good at blogging before? Why is it that you can’t get one word written? And the most frustrating thing of all: the more time you spend thinking about blogging, the less able you are to start your next project! Is there any cure? Luckily, there are a few things you can try.

Visiting other people’s blogs is a good start. Read through your favorite ones, or do a random blog search and see what gets turned up. Reading what other people have to say can spark your own creativity and send you over the hump of blogger’s block. Leave some comments to get you started; you might be able to expand on their ideas, and sometimes you can track back to your own blog. Looking at your blog inbox can help, too, as there might be a question or comment there that can get you started.

Look for a word or topic. Then begin writing about it. You can also do this with pictures. Check out photos and think of something to write about it. You can also check the news, which is always rich with current events. Even if there isn’t anything that directly relates to what you normally write about, writing about something completely different than your normal topics can help.

If those things do not seem to work for you, you can search for creative or journal writing software to help you with your writing problem. Oftentimes, these things have suggestions of topic or idea that can help you get started.

Think about an extraordinary topic. For example, you can research about inventions and inventors. What was the first car ever invented? Anything that you fancy can become a blog entry. You can look for answers to questions like the one about the car at online resources like encyclopedias and almanacs. When you have the answer, blog about it. You never know, maybe some people are thinking of the same things and you have answered their questions. Besides, it can be good to drift from your usual topic one in awhile. Your readers might feel refreshed by the change.

If none of these exercises help, it might be time to do something unrelated to writing for a while. Sometimes we just need a break from writing! Go outside, go shopping, go to a movie. Anything to take your mind off of your blog. You just might feel refreshed and ready to start blogging once you get back up in front of your computer.

There are a lot more ways to beat blogger’s block. If you come up with something new that helps you get over it, think of what a good blog topic your experience would be! Who knows, you may even help someone out there who is struggling with blogger’s block!

This Web Marketing article was written by Chris Taylor on 1/14/2007

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