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The Internet Marketing Gold Rush
Charles R. B. Stowe
Every time I see an incoming email from an internet marketing firm, I wonder if the current ��Å"make a fortune on the internet while you sleep” is a reality or not.  So, I invested about $500 in several marketing video/pdf files by young infopreneurs.  What is an infopreneur?  It is an individual who converts what they know into a medium over the internet: an e-book, a video, a pdf file, or combination of those internet-delivered materials. 

What did I get for my $500?  Plenty of information packaged very attractively.  I also received a ton more invitations to watch ��Å"webinars” at designated times.  These webinars follow a similar format: introduction of the speaker, some pasted copies of revenues received through one of the internet payment services, Google results showing traffic on their sites, and then a brief description about how their program will help you earn thousands of dollars while you sleep.  So, I bought a limited selection from some very talented and young info-merchants.  I assumed that most of these info-merchants developed their own products, but alas, many do not.  Many marketers review the work by other internet marketers.  If they like the information, they contact the developer and offer to sell it for a commission.  These marketers earn a commission from what they are able to sell.  This is called affiliate marketing.  Nice business model:  no cost for inventory, and usually the commissions are pretty generous (40-50%).

I have now concluded that this particular information niche (how to market on the internet) is probably the most profitable aspect of selling knowledge on the internet.  Their activity reminds me of the California Gold Rush (no, I am not THAT old!).  The real entrepreneurs were the ones who sold shovels, supplies and yes, the famous blue jeans were sold by Levi Strauss during the rush to California to mine for gold.  I am not saying that these ��Å"how to market on the internet” are bogus products.  They are not.  But just as the blue jeans and shovels were real products, their marketers probably made out better than the average person who went to California to pan for gold.  I suspect that only a very few of their customers actually make a fortune.  Same is true for hopeful purchasers of infonet products on HOW TO MAKE A FORTUNE…

But there is no doubt that the internet does open a huge potential market.  The basic problem is just as in real sales: how do you build a list of potential customers?  Those strategies are not passive – they require a huge investment in time learning about search engine optimization, etc.  If you enjoy being a geek, this is a way to earn some additional money.  So, welcome to the internet gold rush.  Just remember, most of those who ended up in California did not become billionaires!

This Web Marketing article was written by Charles R.B. Stowe on 8/16/2010

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