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It’s always important to educate the people who know you about what you do. What I’ve noticed over the years of teaching people how to attract more clients is that they don’t use ALL the marketing real estate they have in a way that will get them clients. That might be the case with you too, but we’re going to change that today when we talk about using your e-mail signature as a Client Attraction tool.

Get your email recipients to take ACTION by enabling the "signature" feature in your e-mail program. This feature allows you to create a short message that goes out at the bottom of every e-mail you create or reply to. The message should be relatively short, but compelling enough to get them to take action.

It should contain the basics, like your name and the name of your company; however, I always recommend adding more. It can contain your tagline, Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage. It should contain your website address (if you have one). It does not have to contain your e-mail address since that will be in the header of your e-mail anyway, but it’s always safe to add it. Also, make sure to add your phone number, if that’s a way you like people to reach you. Here’s one of my email sig files:



Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Expert
Creator of “The Client Attraction System(tm)”
More clients, in record time&ldots; Every time
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Your assignment:

You can use your e-mail signature to get people to call YOU to work with you. It can become a valuable Client Attraction tool for people who are emailing you for the first time and don’t know much about you. Instead of signing your e-mails yourself, you can automatically invite people to sign up to your newsletter, to visit your website. You can put your guarantee there, or a special workshop that you are about to give. Anything that you would like somebody to hear about, you put in there in your e-mail signature.

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