For startups, the hardest thing, second to getting the finances needed to get your business on its feet, is convincing customers to do business with you. The competition is stiff and the customers are unforgiving. If you are not committed, you might end up shutting your doors prematurely. Whether your interest is in marketing your land-based store or compelling customers to purchase your online products, the following tips will help you engage new customers enough to make them do business with you.

Quote them

Consumers want to feel noticed. Studies show that actively quoting clients is one of the best ways to make them be more active on your website. They will even come back more often to checkout your website or blog. The more you quote them, they more likely they will come back. This is also a technique that will compel them to share information about your business and the great time they had doing business with you.

Answer their questions

The worst mistake most marketers make is that of taking too long to answer the questions posted by their customers. This could be on their website or their social media pages. This shows that you don’t care as much as you claim to. You have to be active on both your website and your social media pages. Whenever a question is asked, make sure that you answer it as soon as possible. Your web content should also be tailored to address the plight of your customers. The goal is to make them look up to you as their problem solver.

Post valuable content

Your posts have a significant impact on what visitors think of you. If you only post content that covers clichés, you will end up losing your customers. You need to create content that is interesting to your audience. It should solve a problem, entertain them and compel them to do business with you.

Be on social media

Not being on the social media is the biggest mistake you can make in online marketing. Before purchasing a product, most customers take the time to dig deeper into the service provider. Often, they will take a look at the social media pages of the service provider. If you are not on any social media network, you will be a high risk and most shoppers will choose to do business with someone else. The best thing about being on social media is that it not only helps you to be found but will also boost your SEO strategies. You need to add social media widgets on your website and share links to all your social media profiles.

Invest in design

Last but not least, you need to invest in a good web design. Your web design should be aesthetically appealing and easy to understand. It should also be optimized for mobile devices.

These are simple things you can do to boost your startup. In addition to that, you have to keep learning of what other businesses are doing to boost their performance.

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