Many business owners believe that going online is not their priority owing to the company debts they have accumulated. The truth is: most modern day businesses start out with debt. Financing options for most businesses are limited. Finding a hearty business investor is a dream that does not always come true. Thus, most companies substitute them by lending money from business loan associations, banks, and private lending organizations.

Managing your loan and investing in new prospects

Starting out with a massive loan looming over every business decision you make, may be intimidating. It will try to manipulate every business decision you make successfully, and it will mess up your business priorities. You may feel the urge to pay off your creditors before you invest in new projects. Therefore going online may seem like an added expense, rather than a new avenue for cash flow.

Going online will help with your business profits and loan payments

What if we told you, you can go online by spending as less as you do on dinner and yet make more money than you are making right now? Don’t believe us? Check out the new WordPress themes for business owners.

The new professional themes have many remarkable qualities that make them stand out. Choosing the right theme for your business might be a challenge simply because of the sheer variety of themes WordPress offers to all users. From professional bloggers and fashion designers to plumbers and lawyers, everyone relies on WordPress themes and templates to carry their businesses forward and for good reasons too.

  • WordPress themes are free or easily affordable: most WordPress themes for professionals start out as freebies. It is an open source software that offers unique solutions to all your online marketing related problems with extensions or plugins.
  • WordPress plugins: these are the wonders of the digital world. If you want assistance with digital marketing, you can turn to WordPress plugins. If you want to add new features to your primary website, you can use new plugins. Most newer plugins are not even costly. They come for less than the cost of a pizza, and you can enjoy their services as long as you want. From social media marketing to paid ad monitoring, WP plugins can have your back in every situation.
  • Optimization: search engine optimization is a huge concern in 2017. With changing algorithms of Google search engine, it is indeed difficult to keep your website in shape for the new updates. Nonetheless, WordPress plugins along with Google Webmaster Tools and Moz SEO can help you stay in touch with the optimization reality. SEMRush and ScreamingFrog also offer fantastic SEO audit options that will help you stay on top of the SRL, stay visible and pull in more visitors.
  • Responsive design: over 71% of internet users in the USA are now on mobile devices. Over 62% of the mobile users have already made a purchase online using their mobile device. It includes a plethora of gadgets including mobile phones, tablets, phablets and smart watches. It is your responsibility to make sure your complete website information reaches every user. There is a costly way to do this by first designing a website and then creating a responsive version of it. Alternatively, you can just go with WordPress themes. They are naturally responsive. Almost 90% of all WordPress themes and templates are responsive and feature a retina ready display.
  • Aesthetics and functionality: more importantly, WordPress does not skimp on beauty and aesthetics because it spends more time and resources on features. WP delivers the full package for every customer. Most business websites that rank within the top 10 positions of the Google SRL are WordPress-based. This builder offers breathtaking layouts, background options and integration with Google Fonts to give your users (and potential clients) the best user experience.
  • Support: It is the middle of the night, and you have no idea why your customer cannot view the shopping cart before check out? What do you do? Sit and bite your nails? Of course not! WordPress support system is unparalleled. They are online 24*7. Besides, you will always have access to the open forum of WordPress users who can help you out with every query and every glitch you can ever face using this builder software.
  • CMS: it is not just a website builder. WordPress is the world’s leading CMS as well. The best part is: you do not need to hire expensive DBAs and create a bigger dent in your finances just to manage your business data. The powerful CMS will collect all your business data, consumer data and make sure that you have actionable information anytime you need it.

Going premium on WordPress

Going for premium themes, plugins and services on WordPress is never a challenge for most businesses. Even if you are drowning in debt, it is not going to be an added sandbag to your yacht. In fact, premium plugins cost must lesser than other CMS services and theme services from all around the globe. WordPress is the flag bearer for all DIY lovers, and that does not exclude the business owners.

Ask an expert

However, if you are too cautious about adding a new expense to your tab, you can first go ahead and consult your debt counselor. Having a debt management counselor is a bliss during the financially trying times of making new business decisions. They will help you in understanding debt program’s current requirements, payment terms, and allowances. It will help you stay in touch with the reality of your business finances. As an entrepreneur, who is thinking of investing in new ventures, there can be nothing better than having an expert explain the pros and cons of your economic situation and your future scopes of investment.