A company grows when its employee grows. Yes, the profit margin is one way to measure a company’s growth but if the employee of the company is not growing, profit margin does not really make a difference. A company grows when its employees are efficiently managed. For this, it is essential to know how many productive work hours they are able to put in given the hours of operation. And this is where timesheet software comes to the forefront.

For increasing the efficiency of employees, it is important to track the time. Since it is rightly said that time is money. The more you work, the more you earn. For this time management plays a major role in both your professional and personal. People who apply basic principles of time management are more productive, efficient and satisfied which whatever they have achieved during the day.

For the Corporate environment, there can be various methods of managing your time. It does not make sense to resort to the age-old method of tracking time by filling in sheets in paper and then submitting the same to your manager at the end of the day or even maintaining a spreadsheet. It is not feasible to manage so many documents and store it on a regular and it is simply wastage of paper, money and time. For managers, having an effective management tool becomes an essential part of their toolset. For this, the new technology of using timesheet software has come into picture which gives you detailed reports making it easier to manage and track your time and real-time feedback. Let us see how employee timesheet software is the key to efficient time management:

  • Moving with the trend: Employee timesheets are the new in and it makes work for the manager easier than you can imagine. It provides details to the manager regarding the leaves, the number of projects their resources are working in, the number of hours put in each project and how are they productively able to manage time. So timesheet software allows you to do all that.
  • Improving concentration: When employees can track their time, it increases their efficiency and engagement in whatever task they are doing currently. This helps them to better focus on their work and thereby managing their time to improve their productivity.
  • Exporting Data: Filling in data in employee timesheet software provides you with an option to convert your files into PDF or Excel format and even print it when you need it.
  • Resource adjusting: By tracking time of the employees on a real-time basis, managers can see the overall picture of the process, how much time a resource is using. Based on these statistics a manager can accordingly allocate more resources to a project which needs more time and attention or vice-versa.
  • Tracking attendance: Not only is employee timesheet software useful for managers but even for employees since they can schedule leaves, know their leaves types, know the number of holidays and even daily attendance. One can even integrate biometrics with this software which ensures accurate salary payments and even performance appraisals. This helps to determine the worthiest employee and even reward them when the situation demands.
  • Size of the Business: Employee timesheet software is suitable for all the sizes whether small, medium or large. This just acts as a supporting system for the firm to better manage their employees’ time and efforts.
  • Try It and then Buy it: It is not a compulsion to get a software if you are not sure how well will it blend according to your business environment. You need not worry about this since most of the software companies provide a 30-Day trial services as well. So you try it, test it and only then buy it.
  • Divide and Conquer: An employee timesheet helps you to manage your tasks with its task management option which helps you to break down your projects into tasks and manage them each with ease. Such software’s cut down on the work of the managers to a considerable extent since the employees will log in and log out of the application on their own and fill in the data against their projects which gets updated automatically. The manager then can track the progress of his projects easily.
  • Bringing out the best: Many firms provide the option of work from home nowadays for their employees. The problem with this is that managers can’t really track the amount of work achieved during the day. Employee timesheet software can now ensure 100% attendance and the amount of work done.

There are many such benefits a firm can avail by incorporating such a technology in their day to day working. The major advantage is to realize the potential of the hard working employees and reward them accordingly which will bring them more motivation to work and also analyze which of your resources are not being used at their best and making them work accordingly.