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The effectiveness of spam e-mail marketing is dwindling in the eyes of corporate networks, mail servers and businesses across the nation. This email marketing strategy is a drain on productivity, which forces businesses and individuals to spend hundreds of hours per year dealing with the unnecessary hassle of junk emails. The hassle and bother that mass spam email produces not only deters potential clients from looking at your product favorably, it also may eliminate the potential for future business within current clients. Filling the client’s inbox with junk mail is not a great way of keeping a customer.

Another option to spam email marketing is targeted opt in email marketing. Using your selected opt in email marketing software, you can strategically send emails to only individuals that have expressed interests in your products or services. Opt in email marketing directs the emails only to those interested, which drastically decreases the chances of negative effects on the potential client that is experienced in undirected bulk email marketing campaigns.

This direct email marketing solution will result in an increase in response rate as well as potential revenue boosts in the products or services being marketed. This marketing tactic can be utilized through a third party marketing firm, or it may be considered do it yourself email marketing. If you do choose to do it yourself, make sure your email advertising marketing is visually appealing with plenty of content to accompany it. As your own email marketing manager, you can control your email newsletter design, the software on how to track your email newsletter, as well as who has signed up for your email newsletters.

This Email Marketing article was written by Colby Almond on 3/31/2010