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Jason Ryan Isaksen is our mentor. We could not have been more fortunate to have stumbled across Jason Ryan Isaksen on the Internet. Meeting Jason Ryan Isaksen has been life altering is a most profound and positive way. He helped us change our destiny. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Jason Ryan Isaksen has made it possible for us to obtain the step-by-step marketing knowledge necessary to operate a successful Internet home based business. He is literally the one man that gave us the tools to change our lives, and he has done this with the grace of a true teacher. Jason Ryan Isaksen wants his students to be the best they can be and he openly shares all of his considerable knowledge so that this is possible.

Here is a man that very quietly went about establishing himself as one of the most successful marketing gurus on the web. As the consummate professional, Jason Ryan Isaksen has achieved both financial and personal business success. He is by far the most accessible, most knowledgeable, most considerate, and most unassuming mentor we have ever had. Our journey to Internet success would have been far more problematic if it were not for his honesty, integrity, encouragement and assistance.

Jason Ryan Isaksen has personally reviewed hundreds of marketing gurus, tested literally thousands of money making opportunities, and exposed countless scams. His in-depth understanding of how online business works allows his students to bypass years of exhaustive research when creating their home based businesses. He is completely knowledgeable in both independent business ventures and in affiliate, MLM, and network marketing opportunities.

We plan on a lifelong relationship with Jason Ryan Isaksen as both a mentor and friend because he makes a positive difference in the world everyday for his students. Because of Jason Ryan Isaksen we are able to pursue our dreams, we have the lifestyle freedom we desired, and we are achieving personal financial success. However, the most important gift we have been given is the gift of knowledge.

Our students learn daily from us all the tips, secrets, suggestions, and how to advice that we learned from Jason Ryan Isaksen. Without hesitation, we suggest that you check out Jason Ryan Isaksen at,, and These are just a few of the many successful online businesses that Jason Ryan Isaksen created. Jason Ryan Isaksen can also be reached at Double Payment Systems at 530-222-1659. He will personally answer the phone and be delighted to talk to you. These words don’t adequately express what Jason Ryan Isaksen has given us. He has personally given us the privilege of knowing gratitude.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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