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Tony Hoffman was involved in the real estate markets in California in the 1980s.  He wrote the book as How to Negotiate Successfully in Real Estate.  He also ran seminars on no money down techniques for purchasing real estate during the same period of time.   In 1986, his company, National Superstar, went bankrupt. 

The reasons for this bankruptcy are unknown, but Mr. Hoffman had a number of real estate techniques that warranted questioning.  His book contained a Standard Real Estate Purchase Contract.  Each state regulates the language and the inclusions for real estate contracts, so no standard, as such, exists.  What Mr. Hoffman’s contract did provide was a number of easy outs for a buyer leaving the seller stranded in the deal.  I have heard from sources that he suggested that buyers threaten to walk on the deal in the final hour to get a better offer from the seller.  Word was that this advice did not set well with his clients.  Since he isn’t in business any longer none of this is relevant, now.  However, any advice that sounds unreasonable or punitive would lead me request more information, testimonials, and references.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/7/2006

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