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When one population in one century survived five wars, two wars in just ten years, enforcment by self a question it`s the war destiny of Serbian people or his dare. With what a Serbian people has merit this – with his frankness, levity, with collective and national damnation or just with that fact which they are living in the territories which from its geopolitical consideration always were interesting orbit of much other populations. Maybe all this is a colective spread why is Serbian people with centuries had carry on contest for survival in Balkan, together attest its claim and necessity for protection of a national identity and his roots. In that permanent war people had obtained and dissipates but often had pass a golgote, and invigorated in every countenance .

His “armature” must be stronger than steel to resist not just external compressions but and inner pressures which sometime were of nourish intensity from the right once, with constant undergo political and economic exhaustions. Besides this, this people had remain immaculate in his hart and sanity, which have had help them to understand against of often irrationality and incriminations from other populations, must hang out in its defeat to show to the same universe their real face and improve genuineness of his intention that they wish to survive and live same like normal world without other aspirations. Then even thought often had not received a desirable indorse from the world and remained a lonesome in their bother and misfortune, have not lost confidence in that same world with beleif that this world will keep them under its wing and incorporate in integrative process with other countries and populations. , brought to the brink of the desperation and a general debasement, Serbian population in last time has much more felled a slowness arrange with other populations, with a fear of a absolute fade and footstep from them. That it was a plenty superior calmness and waste its patience. A high disappointment it must in one moment rise and reached its culmination . And that was happen when people had not proceed suffer and hopeless .It had burst from them a certain boisterously and freak energy which revolt had converted in expansive collision against all of that what had choked and made filthy (muddy) for this all last years. In Serbia was happen people .When in this territories its happen people , that means a big cession and profound (intensive) reverse, in which were to many await not just ten years but much more. Certainly ready over the night one people rightly had obtained all attributes of valiant (heroic) nation, because it had afford energy to overturn all barricades and limitations shortly which have had been in systematic way pushed for many years. Maybe that was only way to this people to have eligibility and get its destiny in their hands, and after this happenings world accepted them and easy keep them in ” their companion”, whom is with all attributes ever had belong. A time will show, which is a essential equalize and wish of heroine of this book to Serbia being a prosper country in which will be return not just departed Serbians around the world, but and all other people who can find here a lift for a beautiful and comfortable life.

(Preview taken from book ” UNDER THE LEADED SKY IN SERBIA”, by dr Mirjana Radovic ( it is traslated from Serbian to English)

Book should not be accepted like a political handwork, but just like one record of an hardly time through which had pass one nation requiring a different shapes for self protection and salvation. Author of this book had taken like a model from that point, one family from Belgrade in which issue had try to show up their adaptive skills and struggle for survival in a frenzy social escalation of community and generally political occurences.

Dr Mirjana Radovic, is a Adjunct Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Lacrosse University,Mo,USA,adjunct professor and member F.Dickinson University,NJ.and many others. She has a very rich scientific experience in mentioned fields of researching. She has written numerous articles, reviews and essays in many publications, as well as eight books and articles on Entrepreneurship in Encarta (published in 1996.”Savremena,”Belgrade).

A native of Belgrade, she holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Belgrade University, Faculty of Economics. In 1982, she earned her Masters Degree in Theoretical Economy and eventually a PhD in Economics from Belgrade University.

Her studies have opened a new world for her when she was 20 * her first opportunity to present her own scientific work at an international conference in Montenegro speaking to an audience of world famous scientists and professors like Prof. Dr.Joan Robinson, Cambridge, England; Prof. Dr. A.W.Coats, Notingham,Prof. Dr. Herbert Meissner, Berlin, and many other well-known economists. She is very creative person and besides scientific work and teaching students and working in many projects, she has written several novels and short stories.Some of them she will like to publish abroad.Also,her preocupation is to help women to start up their own businesses with advices and right ideas.So,she has just written book ,”Women in Small Business”.

> > > >> > > > > Dr. Mirjana Radovic is the owner and director of the first business magazine in her country, “Small Business News.”

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This Entrepreneurship article was written by Mirjana Radovic,Ph.D on 8/19/2005

When one population in one century survived five wars, two wars in just ten years, enforcment by self a question it`s the war destiny of Serbian people or his dare. With what a Serbian people has m